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Motivation .. Development .. Achievement

We are distinguished as much as the excellence we offer

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We are

distinguished as much as the excellence we offer




What does ``MAFAZ Advisory`` mean?

«Mafaz» is a name derived from the Quran. In the Arabic language dictionaries, the meaning of Mafaz is victory. What is meant here is to win something and get it in the sense of reaching the goal that man seeks to achieve.

Allah said in his holy Quran: ``Verily for the Righteous there will be a fulfillment of (the heart's) desires`` - An-Naba: Verse 31

Mission & Vision

Empower individuals and institutions by providing them with applied knowledge that enhances and maximizes the desired impact on society.

Work passionately for more developed and progressive Qatari Community.

Our values

We believe that we must always be ahead of ourselves and try to predict the challenges of the future to sustain the learning process and to be better than how we are yesterday and today.

We always treat our customers, partners and the history and traditions of our Qatari society with respect and our country's achievements inspire us to achieve more.

Each of us bears a personal responsibility for the outcome of his work, and in our work, we set ourselves the most stringent conditions; because the lesson is the result, not just the effort.

We always strive for the best solutions to the challenges in order to be efficient in everything we do, invest our resources in the best investment, and continue to develop our methods of work.

We encourage our employees to think creatively and continuously develop our services, and help our customers and partners to innovate.

We believe in contributing to the culture of excellence and continuous improvement of our employees' performance towards our customers and partners.

Our Story

idea - Providing personal guidance and counseling services in an individual voluntary manner without a clear plan of action

Planning for the second phase - Work on transferring the initiative to a project body of young entrepreneurs projects with a financial return.

Launch a youth initiative - To crystallize the idea in the form of a youth initiative to be under the umbrella of one of the specialized centers.

Start the Business - On March 22, Mavaz Advisors was established to provide consulting and management services.

Implementation of the Initiative's activities - Start implementing the planned activities of the initiative to work on the delivery of services to the target group on a regular basis.

Who are we?

Mafaz Advisors is a company that specializes in investing in human capital and enhancing the abilities of individuals and institutions to raise the quality of the institutional work by changing their behavior to be more influential to achieve leadership and sustainability in line with the vision of Qatar 2030, through:


1- Providing personal,  motivational And self development coaching for individuals.

2- Develop the business  and improve the  internal processes for entrepreneurs and enterprises through:

  • Helping to understand the needs of the community to design and manufacture CSR initiatives.
  • Measuring results and impact.
  • Creative design and marketing.

Our services

“Mafazya” mixture with different flavors that suits the needs of our customers.

Personal coaching

Personal Consultations


Development of Entrepreneurship projects and enterprises

Creating identity, branding and Management of e-marketing Campaigns

Seminars and special events

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Motivation .. Development .. Achievement

We are distinguished as much as the excellence we offer

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